The Drivers ザ・ドライバーズ

A pop rock – progressive band from Thailand with unique style of music and atmosphere. 

They have been knowing as international cover band with quite much reputation in among Thai and international since The Drivers has experienced of covering songs of 60’s and 70’s for 7 years. 

The Drivers started to make their own original songs in the last 2 years and released their first album ‘Baby Come My Way’ on Mid of 2017 which included both Thai and English songs. The style of their works has emotional and atmosphere of 60’s and 70’s as their producer had directed experiences and under standing in that era mixed with the uniqueness of new generation style of the members.

The Drivers was the only band from Southeast Asia who got a chance to performed at one of the most famous international music festival ‘International Beatleweek 2016’. They performed original songs and The Beatles’ songs on 9 stages in Liverpool included The Cavern Club. Moreover, the band was selected to be a representative from Thailand to perform at International music festival at Ningbo, China. In that festival, The Drivers was performing the musical compositions of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej ‘Candlelight Blues’ as an opening performance in front of 2000 audiences from many countries for showed the respected and reminded of Thai passed King.

Beside of these, The Drivers also performed in many great music festivals and events in Asia; such as ‘Wonderfriut” a national music and art festival in Thailand where artists from all around the world joins. The Drivers was the only band from country outside Japan, who was a part of ‘Shimokitazawa Nite festival 2017’ in Tokyo, Japan.

Nowadays, as a band who has experiences both for their original music and 60’s and 70’s cover style, The Drivers is frequently perform in Thailand and Japan every other month for different purposes.